List of Ghats in karnataka

The Western Ghats, also known as the Sahyadri Hills range area is well known for it’s rich and unique assemblage of flora and fauna. Western ghats connecting to Arabian sea and deccan plateau. Malenadu and Bayaluseeme region connect to the Karavali districts.

Western ghats are more beautiful to seen in Manson season. During the rainy season of months of June, July, August and September is the best time to visit Western ghats of Karnataka. Western ghats of Karnataka has 9 ghats connecting to Arabian sea

10 major ghats in karnataka

  1. Agumbe ghat
  2. Charmadi ghat
  3. Shiradi ghat
  4. Hulikal ghat
  5. Sampaje ghat
  6. Bisle ghat
  7. Devimane ghat
  8. Arabail ghat
  9. Male Mahadeshwara ghat
  10. Anashi Ghat 

1. Agumbe ghat

Agumbe ghat connects Udupi district and Shivamogga district, this ghat has 13 hairpin turns approximate 10 to 11 kms distance in this ghat only small vehicle and mini buses can transport.

1. What is the total distance of Agumbe Ghat ?

Agumbe ghat has approximate 10 to 11 kms distance.

2. How many turns are there in Agumbe Ghat ?

Agumbe ghat has 13 hairpins turns.

3. What does the Agumbe Ghat connect between ?

Agumbe ghat connects between Shivamogga district and Udupi district.

Agumbe ghat drone view :

2. Charmadi ghat

Charmadi ghat connects Dakshina Kannada and Chickmangalore district, this ghat has 12 Hairpin curves and the distance of charmadi ghat is 25 kms from Kottigehara and ends at Charmadi Village.

1. How long is the Charmadi ghat ?

Charmadi ghat has 25 km distance.

2. How many turns are there in Charmadi ghat ?

12 hairpin curves in charmadi ghat.

3. What does the Charmadi ghat connect between ?

Charmadi ghat connects between Dakshina Kannada and Chickmangalore district

Charmadi ghat drone view :

3. Shiradi ghat

Shiradi ghat connects Dakshina Kannada district Puttur taluk and Hassan district, Shiradi ghat has approximate 38 kms distance, This ghat has 14 hairpin curves.

1. How many curves are there in Shiradi Ghat ?

Shiradi ghat has 14 hairpin curves.

2. What does the Shiradi Ghat connect between ?

Shiradi ghat road connects between Dakshina Kannada, Puttur taluk and Hassan district.

3. How long is Shiradi ghat ?

Shiradi Ghat has approximate 35 to 38 kms distance.

Shiradi ghat drone view video :

4. Hulikal ghat

Hulikal ghat is also called as Balebare ghat this ghat connects Shivamogga district and Udupi district ( Masthikatte to Hosangadi )

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