Three major dams of Karnataka

In this article let’s see the three famous dams in Karnataka and the information related to the three major dams.

1. Linganamakki dam Sagara :

Linganamakki dam is the first major dam of Karnataka, it was constructed by the Karnataka state government in 1964. Linganamakki dam is the first highest storage capacity dam in Karnataka, Storage capacity of Linganamakki dam is 554.43 meters.

Linganamakki dam is located near Kargal village of Sagara taluk in Shivamogga district. This dam is built across the river of Sharavathi. In Karnataka famous waterfall Jogfalls is near to the Linganamakki dam. Linganamakki dam has three gates the purpose of construction of this dam to generate electricity.

Linganamakki dam image

More details about Linganamakki dam :

River Sharavathi
LocationSagara Taluk, Shivamogga district
Storage capacity156.62 ( tmcft )
Level554.43 meter
Height61.26 meter
Length2749.29 meter
No of gates11
Area covered317.28 km2
Completed year1964

2. Supa dam Uttarakannada :

Supa dam is the second major dam of Karnataka, Supa dam is constructed by the Karnataka state government in the year of 1987. Supa dam is the second highest water storing dam in Karnataka. Storage capacity 147.54 ( tmcft )

Supa dam is located near Ganesha gudi in Joidu taluk of Uttarakannada district. This dam is built across the river of Kali. Supa dam has three gates and the purpose of Supa dam is to generate electricity.

More details about Supa dam :

LocationJoida taluk, Uttarakannada district
Storage capacity147.54 ( tmcft )
Level564 meter
Height101 meter
Length331.29 meter
No of gates3
Area covered124 ( km2 )
Completed year1987

3. Tungabhadra dam ( Hospete dam )

Tungabhadra dam is also called as Hospete dam this dam is the third major dam of Karnataka. Tungabhadra dam is located near the Hospete taluk of Koppal district.

Tunga and Bhadra are the two different rivers both river joins at Koodli a small town near Shivamogga city then it flows towards Tungabhadra dam

This dam is constructed by the State government of Karnataka in the year of 1953. The storage capacity of Tungabhadra dam ( Hospete dam ) is 132.47 ( tmcft )

Hospete dam is built across the Tunga and Bhadra river. Hospete dam has 33 gates and this dam is constructed for Irrigation and Hydroelectric purpose

Tungabhadra dam image

More details about Tungabhadra dam :

River Tunga and Bhadra
LocationHospete taluk, Vijayanagara district
Storage capacity132.47 ( tmcft )
Level497.74 meter
Height49.39 meter
Length2443 meter
No of gates33
Area378 ( km2 )
PurposeHydroelectric and Irrigation
Completed year1953
1. Biggest dam in Karnataka?

Linganamakki dam is the biggest dam in Karnataka.

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