11 Best places to visit near Agumbe – Between 20 Km distance

Agumbe is the “A Serene Paradise in the Western Ghats” ( ಪಶ್ಚಿಮ ಘಟ್ಟಗಳಲ್ಲಿ ಪ್ರಶಾಂತವಾದ ಸ್ವರ್ಗ ) Agumbe is located in Thirthahalli Taluk, Shivamogga district, Karnataka, India. It is nested in the thickey forested in Malnad region of Western ghats mountain range, Agumbe is one of the rainiest places in India after Cherrapunji so Agumbe is called as the “Cherrapunji of South India”

Agumbe is famous for sunset, tourism, trucking, photography, weather, research point of king cobra, medicinal plants.

11 Best places to visit near Agumbe

1. Agumbe sunset view point

The sunset view from Agumbe is one of the best . You should definitely visit during sunset time and enjoy the amazing moments from the special viewing deck made for this purpose. and you can also visit small lake with boating facility is available near the forest check post.

More details of Agumbe sunset view point :
  • Agumbe to sunset views point distance 2 Kms
  • Best time to visit between 6:30 pm to 6:45 pm.

2. Jogigundi Falls

Jogigundi Falls is a waterfall located near Agumbe that flows down from a height of around 20 feet into a big pool below. Jogigundi got its name from a saint named Jogi, who used to meditate at this spot.

More details of Jogigundi Falls :
  • Agumbe to Jogigundi falls distance 4.5 Kms
  • Entry fees 30 Rs ( Parking fees extra )
  • June to September is the best time to visit Jogigundi falls Agumbe.

3. Barkana falls view point

Barkana Falls is a hidden place in Western Ghats, This Falls is created by the Seetha River as it drops from a height of 260 meters. and this falls is located in middle of western ghats and this one of the trucking destination for trucking lovers.

More details of Barkana falls view point :
  • Agumbe to Barkana falls distance 7 Kms and 2.5 kms on foot
  • ( Mansoon season ) June 15 to September is the best time to visit
  • Entry fees 200 Rs ( Parking fees extra ) and Permission required from Forest department

4. Kundadri Jain temple

Kundadri Jain temple is the best place for trekking after trekking At the top of Kundadri hills, there is only a small temple and two small ponds. In November month you can view the Early morning ( 5:30 am – 7:00 am ) sunrise in this place.

More details of Kundadri Jain temple :
  • Agumbe to Kundadri hills distance 19 kms
  • Best time to visit June to September for experience the Mansoon season, To experience the early morning sunrise November to February is the best month to visit as per my experience ( Timings 5:30 am – 7:00 am morning )

5. Onake Abbi Falls

Onake abbi falls is the another famous waterfalls located near Agumbe, To reach this falls want to walk for 4 km mud road and must and should take permission from Megaravalli forest department.

More details of Onake Abbi Falls :
  • Agumbe to Onake abbi falls distance 3 kms can go through bike or car after 4 kms on foot.
  • Mansoon season is the best time to visit or after mansoon is also ok to visit.

6. Narasimha Parvatha

Narasimha Parvatha is the highest peak in Agumbe. height of 3,772 ft, and this is the desnse forest trucking distance of one side 8 kms journey. Start journey from Malandur small village in Agumbe as you journey can also see the Barkana falls top view in middle of trucking through the hills and valleys, you’ll be surrounded by lush green grasslands all around this is one of the beautiful place for trucking lovers.

Best time to visit ?

To go for this location we cannot suggest any best time because this location is closed in rainy season after completion rainy season Forest department tells when this location will open after you can go with forest permission and with local guide.

7. Barkana falls top

This is the another best location in Agumbe for trucking of one side 5 km distance, hear you can see the barkana falls top view in Winter season and Summer season in Reason this location is closed is rainy season, to reach this destination you need to take permission with forest department and recquired local travel guide.

More deatils of Barkana falls top view :
  • Winter season is best time to visit Barkana falls top view
  • Agumbe to Barkana falls distance 10 to 12 kms
Image credits : Google

8. Malgudi days house Agumbe ( Dodda mane )

Malgudi days house or Dhodda mane is one of the oldest houses in Agumbe, more than 150 years old, this house is located in middle of Agumbe and kannada famous film Malgudi days film shooting made in this house so this house is called as Malgudi mane in Kannada.

Best time to visit Malgudi days house :

As per local guide information now this house is temporarily closed you can visit if its opens you can go, location in center of Agumbe road side. ( We will info if its open to tourist visits )

9. Kattina madke waterfalls

Kattina madake waterfalls is one of hidden tourist attraction near Agumbe, This falls is located near Nalur small village to feel this attraction visit in rainy season.

More details of Kattina madke waterfalls :
  • Agumbe to Kattina Madake falls distance 19 kms
  • Rainy season is the best time to visit

10. Akki Battha Rashi Gudda

Another hidden trucking location near Agumbe, Guddekeri this is small 2 hills in one place one hill called as Akki in kannada another hill is called as Battha in Kannada so it called as Akki Battha rashi gudda.

More details of Akki Battha Rashi Gudda :
  • Agumbe to Akki Battha rashi gudda distance 10 kms by road 2 kms trucking distance.
  • Early morning or Evening time is the best time to visit

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